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Openland Radio Sessions (Ep​​​)

by Pigmento Music

Before I end up Leaving the lighthouse I’ll come out to try Sinking my fleets Within call Oh with doing that? All? Or just waiting? What move should I make? I will hide traces And swim back to the land To that summer When we first met I’ve never asked you more than This journey never comes This journey never Comes to an end Longing for a piece of Irish shores Berlin in meinem Kiez, erfüllt er mir? Les fantômes en hiver restent ici Share a smile, make this journey shine Share a smile, make this journey shine It never and it never comes to an end
Just think Where you have been In bloom How many times In your life What it took to you to explain Why you can’t feel immune What it took to you to explain Why you can’t feel immune, immune Consider this if you can Like one Quick glimpse At the sky The atmosphere around you arise And bright pictures in my mind Spread everywhere And in time And in time In time In time Consider this if you can And look how this place is intact Pressed like stones in the hands What if we talk about that Till night Till night Till night What if What if We consider this What if What if We consider this
Sorry I haven’t raised my cup to drink With you to your most wonderful tricks But I don’t think about something to Celebrate or lift my mood And I’m distracted by someone shouting On the screen, pretentious fortune tellers The key to your success Most of the time And you could vote for them Or mix up with devil And I ingested a fleeting sense of joy Encapsulated like a toy Go on playing on me And next day I wake up like you Sorry For not even trying Well, maybe you were wrong with me Is this what the destiny inflicted upon me? And the size of my synapses Help me realizing That I'm ready To be cheated like everyone there And I can’t stop the wave So most of my time Is spent believing you To be true and honest And I ingested a careful sense of joy Encapsulated like a toy Now that I see through you all Through you all
Start the day enjoying this Almost clear and spreading sky No one is going to assume the lead No words coming out of our mouths Just walking with only this for company Take a fair walk as it opens up It never fails The sun rise over our shoulders We won’t be the same On our walk through Let it clears up our lost glance Let our hesitating steps Stand out against the path Can’t believe their depths Reassuring us as we sink Our feet into the green Looking at flowers that grew The night before regardless Early morning flowers lasting No longer than some days We won’t be the same On our walk through We won’t be the same
The morning comes I just want to know Why you’re lying here You’re tired, you seem Stuck in front of your big dreams If only I could change the way that you feel Son, don’t say that You don’t belong to this land But look Look at me Is it really worth the effort to do it Too much of anything? Don’t you see That I lose my best time... indeed I spent years rising through the ranks I see no point, no reply, well thanks To be young in this land It is not like water in the sand It is not like water in the sand Night slips away Like the silence I hate Night slips away Like the silence I hate


All songs were written by Filippo Barizza

Filippo Barizza – vocals and guitar
Stefano Pavanati – guitar, bass, mouth organ, percussions, backing vocals


released January 12, 2015

The songs:

1. Ciliegio
2. It Never Comes to an End
3. Consider This
4. Crafty Man
5. Morning Flowers
6. Sleepless

Performed live at Openland Radio


all rights reserved



Pigmento Music Padova, Italy

Mostly acoustic project led by Italy-based singer and songwriter Filippo Barizza.
Notable contributions to Pigmento Music: pianist Antonio Noventa, songwriters Fien and Grizzly Bird, violinists Maria Robaey and Marta Stella, guitarist The Nyc, Davide Zaggia, Michela Gamba, Landart Band ... more

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